Leasing, Sale/Purchase

Market Evaluation & Rent Assessment

We assist in determining the best potential rentals in the current market. We monitor the rental property market and advise you on a realistic value of your property. We also assist in renovation/remodelling to optimize the rentals on a need basis. Our goal is to help you capitalize on your investment and ensure that you receive the highest possible rent in the shortest possible time. We look at many important factors when advising our landlords on a suitable rental figure such as the number of similar properties currently available, prices of comparable properties and how long they have remained available and current rental demand.

Property Marketing

Our marketing experts endeavour to give optimum exposure of your property to the targeted segment by employing various online and offline marketing tools. We find effective ways to reach desirable tenants through strategic pricing of your property. We put a strong focus on securing the highest quality of tenants for our landlords through the use of proven marketing techniques and tenant selection procedures. We promote your property through internet advertising which allows us to reach potential tenants on a 24/7 basis.

Key Holding and Visit Management

We ensure that the keys of your unit are in secure custody and are easily available for prospective tenants to view the property. We plan and manage the visits accordingly.

Tenant Screening and Verification

Getting the right tenant is the most crucial part of the entire tenancy process. It is imperative to have a tenant who is stable, respectful of the property and financially sound. We combine our experience and tenant checks to ensure any risks associated are minimized. We ensure that every prospective tenant completes an application form, gives his photo ID (Pan Card, Driving License, Passport) and provides references from previous landlords and current employers to ensure credibility, timely payments and a smooth experience. We also facilitate police verification.

Lease Negotiations, Documentation and Lease Registration

We negotiate the best possible rentals, terms and conditions to protect your interest to close the transaction as soon as possible and to minimize vacant days. We assist in drafting and finalizing the lease agreement and getting the same registered. (Cost to be borne by the concerned parties.)

Handover Assistance and Move in Report

Our property manager will assist in the takeover of the property from the landlord to the tenant and document a detailed check-in list of all the appliances/fittings/fixtures and the condition of the property at the time of the commencement of the lease


We also assist in managing your property and offering these same services while you are in the process of finding the right buyer.

Our professionals at Lime Prop Care have in–depth market knowledge and experience to strategize the highest value on your real estate investment. No matter what your situation or where you are, our marketing team will work with you diligently to structure the best deals and negotiate the best possible terms, matching you with the right opportunity every time and optimizing your ROI.

Our sale process involves careful and realistic market evaluation. Lime Prop care will advise you on the current rates of similar assets. Our marketing team will market your property using offline and online tools and identify potential buyers. We will screen and verify the interested buyer before negotiations begin. Our legal team will conduct a due diligence to ensure that the sale is completed successfully and within the stipulated time frame.
Why choose us
  • Do you own multiple properties/rental units?
  • Do you own property you don’t live near to?
  • Do you have limited time to manage your properties?
  • Are you uncomfortable dealing with local brokers?
  • Do you struggle to keep your property clean and well-maintained?
  • Are you wasting your time in mundane jobs like payment of bills and taxes relating to your property?
  • Are you worried about being over charged while getting your property painted/repaired or renovated or are you worried about timely completion and the quality of work executed by random vendors?
  • Even if your property is leased out, do you have no way of responding to your tenant’s requests?
  • Are you tired of requesting busy family members in India to handle all your property related matters?
  • Quick turn around time
  • Integrated payment gateway for easy online payments
  • Customised services to suit your unique requirements
  • Dedicated property manager, single point of contact to resolve all your property management worries
  • Complete peace of mind as your property is being managed by experts
  • Leveraging 30+ years of experience of Ahuja Residency
  • Regular property updates through client login panel on our website
  • A women driven initiative