Property Management in Gurgaon

We AT LIME PROP CARE view property management as an integral part of the real estate business and our competence in this area is apparent as we leverage 34 years of experience and expertise that Ahuja Residency has in managing over 300 Properties.

How we can help you
Our objective is clear - to help you establish, maintain and increase the capital and rental value of your property.
Our people understand the need of owners and occupiers – and how to meet these in order to maximize the potential of their assets.

Our expertise
Our expertise covers all areas of asset, property and facilities management and property accounting. Our Integrated Property Management teams consistently increase the productivity of your real estate portfolio by reducing costs, minimizing risk and increasing end-user satisfaction. We drive continuous improvement by harnessing our experience and expertise to bring new ideas and market intelligence to the table.

Tailored solutions
From specifications of a diverse range of services to ongoing property management and support services, our office provides quality, cost effective and sustainable property management solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients. Because we customize our model to suit your needs, we enable you to respond to changing property requirements and give you confidence in achieving your desired outcomes by backing our ability to deliver results.
One of the hardest decision a landlord have to take is to whether they should hire a Property Manangement company or they should leave their vacant house. Limepropcare is a big service provider for the Property management in Gurgaon. We work as a team for taking care of your houses. We take care of your property as like you have never seen it before.

We also provide services to the NRIs apartments in Gurgaon. We work on a behalf of the owner of the property and look after at your houses at your absence.  Our innovative strategies for the property management in gurgaon helps to resolves  the problems and on less operating costs.

Clients choose us because they expect full satisfaction towards their property management and we will make sure to fulfil all their requirements. We tries our best to reduce the  costs and to complete all the tasks required.

Property Management in Gurgaon saves your precious time and try to resolve all your worries towards your home.

Limepropcare provides property management services in Gurgaon

Limepropcare Property Management Services in Gurgaon

Limepropcare world's local real estate agency deals in local residential and commercial property rentals, property management in Gurgaon. Our firm is offering Property Management in Gurgaon to our consumers. We take full responsibility of property care taking, Retail service, Tenant verification etc.
If you own a property in Gurgaon and can’t manage it because of numerous reasons (such as you are a Non Resident Indian NRI, Person of Indian Origin PIO, or simply very busy to devote time to your property), then, list your property with us. We will manage your property for long term lease or short term lease (serviced apartments). We deal with corporate clients only and therefore your property is always secure and generates higher income. Limepropcare provides property management services in Gurgaon region. We take care of flats, villas, offices, all forms of commercial and residential property management in Gurgaon.
Why choose us
  • Do you own multiple properties/rental units?
  • Do you own property you don’t live near to?
  • Do you have limited time to manage your properties?
  • Are you uncomfortable dealing with local brokers?
  • Do you struggle to keep your property clean and well-maintained?
  • Are you wasting your time in mundane jobs like payment of bills and taxes relating to your property?
  • Are you worried about being over charged while getting your property painted/repaired or renovated or are you worried about timely completion and the quality of work executed by random vendors?
  • Even if your property is leased out, do you have no way of responding to your tenant’s requests?
  • Are you tired of requesting busy family members in India to handle all your property related matters?
  • Quick turn around time
  • Integrated payment gateway for easy online payments
  • Customised services to suit your unique requirements
  • Dedicated property manager, single point of contact to resolve all your property management worries
  • Complete peace of mind as your property is being managed by experts
  • Leveraging 30+ years of experience of Ahuja Residency
  • Regular property updates through client login panel on our website
  • A women driven initiative